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Arsenal fans and Mike Dean have never really got on, but the relationship between the two has become even more fractious after his refereeing display at the Emirates this afternoon.
The fans’ dislike for the referee began when he appeared to celebrate a Tottenham equaliser in a North London derby in 2012.
This led to supporters presuming that Dean might be a Tottenham fan – despite the fact that he was seen celebrating Tranmere’s play-off semi-final win last season – and the ‘celebration’ was more of a skip back to the centre circle.
The 51-year-old and former Gunners boss Arsene Wenger would always bicker throughout the Frenchman’s time in North London, and his relationship with new Arsenal manager Unai Emery won’t be any better with decisions like this.



Dean, who has now been refereeing in the Premier League since 2000, gave a first-half booking to Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang after the striker attempted to block a Burnley free-kick.
However, it didn’t appear as though the striker did too much wrong, apart from perhaps a slight encroachment, which arguably doesn’t deserve a yellow card.
And Arsenal fans expressed their disgust with the decision on Twitter, with some suggesting he was favouring the visitors.


Here is a look at how they reacted on social media.
A yellow card to Aubameyang for THAT?

Spurs would get a part in the back in the back for that from this inconsistent ref.

I can’t see myself ever liking Mike Dean.

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That Aubamayang yellow card was ridiculous. Mike Dean doing his best to disrupt Arsenal all game long so far, allowing Burnley to get away with endless cynical fouls. The yellow card will only come once he feels fit…

VAR won’t fix everything.

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Mike Dean doing everything he possibly can to help Burnley’s game plan is really frustrating to watch.

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Unless Mike Dean told Aubameyang to move away there (he didn’t), then surely he can’t book him? Perhaps Aubameyang has only ever used the metric system? Why don’t you think before you ruin my Fantasy weekend Mike Dean. Bring back the off season. Makes me sick.

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Arsenal supporters will be hoping they don’t see Dean again any time soon.